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Vault Package #37 Jack White Live in Nashville / Live in Detroit HOME AND AWAY 3 x LP

To celebrate the release of his album Boarding House Reach in March 2018, Jack White embarked on a mini-tour of intimate venues. Starting at his hometown go-to stage in the Blue Room at Third Man Records in Nashville, filtering through dreams and dives in NYC and Los Angeles and London and eventually hitting White’s home away from home at Third Man Records Cass Corridor in Detroit, the performances were explosive and commanding.

In the spirit of the classic baseball “home-and-away” Vault package #37 highlights the momentous, tour-de-force set White unfurled in Nashville on March 16th and augments it with the unhinged Detroit performance a month later. Highlights include the raucous live debut of stadium anthem “Battle Cry”, the frenetic, stinging guitar fight of “Over and Over and Over” and masterful crowd singalongs for White Stripes classics like “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.” As is par for the Vault, both of these shows are exemplary entries into the twenty-plus years of epic, life-affirming Jack White live performances.

Packaged in a die-cut sleeve with peep-in artwork reminiscent of Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti” or the Stones’ “Some Girls”, the interplay between the sleeve and the jacket will provide fans with hours upon hours of flip-flopping fun. The discs will be pressed on lustrous black, beautiful blue and wonderful white vinyl.

Accompanying these three LPs are a selection of three glossy, 8x10, professionally-shot photos from both performances. From the expert eye of White’s personal photograph David Swanson the attention to detail here is second-to-none. They capture lighting-fast moments from the performances, showcasing the impressive work and presence from band members Dominic Davis, Quincy McCrary, Carla Azar and Neal Evans.

And to top it all off, a magnificent Jack White logo flag. We want to see these things flying at Jack White concerts the world over. Hell, we want to see these EVERYWHERE. Hoist ‘em up high!

Preview “Corporation” from the Cass Corridor performance here:

Subscriptions are live NOW and the deadline to sign-up is July 31st so don’t delay.

jack white lps

jack white flag

jack white photo set

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