Spiral Stairs (Pavement) Live at Cass Corridor

City: Detroit
Advance Tickets Regular Price $14.00 Special Price $12.00

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Spiral Stairs (Pavement) Live at Cass Corridor
Saturday, March 23rd, 2019
Doors 7:30, music 8:30
Advanced tickets $12, $14 day of show
All ages

In support of the new Spiral Stairs record - We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized

Reuniting the bulk of the dream team who assisted him on Doris & The Daggers – bassist Matthew Harris (Oranger, The Posies), multi-instrumentalist Tim Regan and good friend Kelley Stoltz, as well as former touring Preston School Of Industry drummer Jim Lindsay – We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized is the most fully-rendered encapsulation to date of Spiral Stairs’ inimitable aesthetic.

“I’m pretty surprised at how well it all hangs together because I’ve always tried to keep everything pretty close,” Spiral reflects of the album’s protracted genesis. “But when you look at some of your favourite bands’ records they’re often working with songs that are five years old or eight years old, or songs they’d been working on forever and even songs they’d already recorded prior. So when I started working like that it was, like, ‘It doesn’t really matter, as long as they sound good’.

We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized is fun, infectious and musically compelling, while still managing to cover some hefty topics like the current rambunctious political climate and the devastating loss of loved ones, augmented by some tales inspired by various pop culture sources. It’s the best of all that’s come before combined with a newfound wisdom and appreciation of the classics, aided by some beautiful embellishments courtesy the skilled musicians at his disposal.

More than 25 years into his incredible musical journey We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized represents perhaps the archetypal representation to date of Spiral Stairs’ beloved canon – in these tumultuous times we’re living in that’s surely inspiration in itself.

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