Escape-ism Live at Third Man Records

City: Nashville
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Escape-ism Live at Third Man Records

with David Nance Group
October 26
Doors at 7
All Ages 


Escape-ism is the Found-Sound-Dream-Drama starring Ian Svenonius.

Ian, should he need an introduction, is the legendary front-person and intellectual heavyweight behind such groundbreaking and ahead of your time bands such as Nation of Ulysses, The Make Up, Chain & The Gang, Scene Creamers as well as the author of  the revolutionary tomes ‘Censorship Now!!’ and ‘Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock N Roll Group’.

Legends don’t walk into your life too often, and they sure as hell don’t come packing little more than a Rhythm Ace, guitar, sampler pedal and a microphone and blow your reality the way Escape-Ism will. See this show now so you don’t have to lie about being there 5 years from now…


Omaha, NE musician David Nance is nothing if not prolific. Over the course of the past six years he has released three full-length albums for labels Graprefruit and Bada-Bing, a 7-inch and numberous cassettes, CDRs and unlicensed ‘cover albums’ of artists like Lou Reed, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Doug Sahm. His latest full-length is credited to the ‘David Nance Group’ and features nance alongside his recent hot-shit live band of fellow Omaha musicians; guitarist Jim Schroder, bassist Tom May and drummer Kevin Donahue. We’ve heard this new album and it’s right at our top of the year list.

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