Dan Hoy

The Terraformers


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DAN HOY is the author of The Deathbed Editions (Octopus Books, 2016) and several poetry chapbooks, including The Terraformers, (Third Man Books, 2017) The Tree (Solar Luxuriance, 2016), Omegachurch (Solar Luxuriance, 2010) and Glory Hole (Mal-O-Mar Editions, 2009). His work has appeared in The Best American Nonrequired Reading, Triple Canopy, Novembre, Elderly and other magazines and anthologies. He was a contributor to the collective blog Montevidayo (2010-2015), and was co-founder of the literary arts journal Soft Targets (2006-2007). He lives in Nashville.

THE TERRAFORMERSA limited edition pressing in Third Man Books chapbook series,Dan Hoy’s latest collection of poetry chronicles the last days of anexpedition stranded on a desolate planet and beset by depression,sabotage and failing equipment. In The Terraformers, human life ismediated by domes and pressure suits, and the history of human beingsis buried in ecocide, oppression and longing for the infinite, even if(or because) “the infinite / is death for us.”

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