Sampson Starkweather

PAIN: The Board Game


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The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said Life is Pain. Poet Sampson Starkweather says PAIN: The Board Game. Third Man Books’ fourth title has, evidently, caused pain in a few lives already: four printing presses in Nashville, TN, refused the book due to objections over content! PAIN: The Board Game is 160 pages of poetry, 15 full color illustrations by Jon-Michael Frank, and the first book of poetry that is both page-turning-analog and online interactive. Find out why some describe Starkweather as, "Not only thrillingly accessible, not only deeply thought-provoking, but also, and without exaggeration, historically important."—The Huffington Post

* The first analog plus online interactive book of poetry* Features 15 color illustration by Jon-Michael Frank* 160 pages of poetry as visual as readable* Starkweather sold out TMR's live venue of 400 and sold out his books.* Sampson Starkweather’s previous title First Four Books was a best seller for Small Press Distribution.* Even comes with content deemed inappropriate by modern-age printing presses!

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