Black Bumble Buzz Guitar Pedal


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The Bumble Buzz Pedal, HANDMADE by Chris Young of Union Tube & Transistor (who built the pedal used for Jack White's guitar sounds on "Sixteen Saltines" and the vocals on "I'm Shakin'" off of 2012's Blunderbuss), is ready for buzzing around and stinging sounds. Designed by the Third Man Creative Hive.

Input impedance: Zin @ 1KHz 30K, output impedance: Zout @ 1KHz: 33K.

Power requirements: 9Vdc 10mA. The unit runs off a standard center negative 9v DC 2.1mm Boss-style adapter or a single 9v battery.

Warranty Info:

Keep the unit away from water, honey, and other liquids, and use only with a 9V battery or center negative 9V DC adapter. Avoid using adapters with output AC or that are center positive, as they will cause damage to the unit. Avoid adapters of questionable origin, as they are suspect from the get-go. We recommend a Boss 120T, Voodoo Lab Pedal Power, Trex, or similar. We recommend avoiding switching adapters such as the Boss 120S, Godlyke Power All, and the One Spot. If you experience unwanted noise or are in doubt, please test with a 9V battery. Warranty includes parts and labor for problems unrelated to normal wear and tear in the first year. All warranty repairs will be performed - less the cost of shipping - by Union Tube & Transistor. Please retain proof of purchase for warranty and email to attain a return authorization number and shipping information.

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