Detroit Cobras Sweatshirt


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Yellow Detroit Cobras sweatshirt modeled after the very one that inspired that band's name. Guitarist Steve Shaw tells the band's namesake story below...

Made from 100% cotton.

Small - Length 26", Width 19.5"
Medium - Length 27", Width 21"
Large - Length 28", Width 22"
X-Large - Length 28.5", Width 24.5"
XXL - Length 29", Width 24.5"

Ever wonder where the Detroit Cobras got their name? 

The name “The Detroit Cobras“ came from a sweatshirt I picked up from a thrift store in the early 1990s. I realized the shirt was some sort of sports team shirt - maybe a high school or something - but figured it would work as awesome Detroit rock n' roll apparel, sort of like Ramones did with odd Spiderman and US Navy t-shirts.

The shirt was too small for me, but I would regularly pick up shirts and jackets I thought were cool and give them to my long time roommate Maribel Restrepo. I had been giving Mary odd bits of rock n' roll gear since the early 80s when I worked sorting donated clothing at the Detroit headquarters of St. Vincent De Paul on Gratiot Ave.

In 1984 I gave Mary a leather jacket I found with the name “Angel” painted above the left pocket. I thought it would be super sweet on her, giving her the look of classic Detroit greaser chicks I remember in my neighborhood in the mid 60s. Mary can be seen wearing this jacket in a photo on the back of the "Vertical Pillows" 1985 debut single as well as the group photo on the back of the Detroit Cobras 1998 release Mink, Rat or Rabbit.

One night in 1993, in the factory building at 555 Beaufait were Mary and I lived, Mary and I sat down to come up with a name for the new group we would form. I explained to her that even though the band would be a mix of Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, R&B, soul, and gospel, we should have a name that specifically referenced Detroit, sort of like the MC5 or the Detroit Wheels.

Mary looked down at the Detroit Cobras shirt (that she had been wearing regularly at that point) and said, “You mean something like this?” I said, "That is absolutely perfect.”

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