Impossible Project Limited Edition Black and Yellow Instant Film


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When the last Polaroid factory closed down in 2008, the good folks at the Impossible Project stepped in to rescue their machines. Thankfully, the Impossible Project still believed in the power of analog photography, even in the digital age (sound familiar?), and they wanted to create our own instant films to save the millions of original Polaroid cameras out there from becoming obsolete. After years of research and refinement, they are now the only people making film for 600, SX70 and Spectra/Image Cameras, as well as 8x10 large format film at our two factories in Enschede and Monheim. We here at Third Man are big fans and big supporters, and now we're the inspiration for one of the Impossible Project's very special runs of limited-edition instant film — one that develops in black & yellow! Be still our hearts!

“Photography using mechanical means is a beautiful art form. Digital pictures are very portable and easy to make happen, but you can’t hold the photo in your hand, or put it in a family album. T here’s a romantic feeling of pulling a photograph out of a polaroid camera, holding it your hands and showing it to others. It can’t be replaced or replicated.” — Jack White

“Since the start of The Impossible Project, we’ve always collaborated with like minded people and companies, and the guys at Third Man really couldn’t be a better fit. We both celebrate making real things, records and photos you can actually hold and pass around, and all the struggle and pride that comes with it. The black and yellow film is also one of my favorite things to date, so I couldn’t be happier that we’re releasing it together with such a great partner.” — Oskar Smolokowski, CEO of The Impossible Project

8 Yellow Duochome instant photos with Black Frame
For use with Polaroid 600 Type Cameras
Develop time is 5-10 minutes
Film Cassette includes battery
ASA 640; Film speed may vary, +/- 1/3 stops

***Recommend refrigerating the film pack until use, but do not freeze. Before use, allow the film to adjust to room temperature for at least one hour. Best used within 12 months of the production date at the top of the box. Instructions and tips included, and limited warranty.

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