Texas Funeral


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Reissue of Jon Wayne's first album on LP
Single Pocket, D2B

Tracklist:Side A:1. But I've Got Texas2. Texas Funeral3. Mr. Egyptian4. Texas Cyclone5. Texas Wine6. You And The Kitten7. Is That Justice?Side B:1. Truckin'2. Texas Jailcell3. Apple Schnapps4. Shades5. Texas Polka6. Texas Studio

Originally released by Hybrid Records in 1985, "Texas Funeral" stands-alone in a world of its own. Like a secret handshake shared amongst the illuminated, "Texas Funeral" has enjoyed a long life as an underground cult classic. If you've ever been in a tour van, you've almost certainly heard this gem and repeated any of it's countless catchphrases like "No go diggy die", "faders up" or "ain't no country I know!" It's a funny record without joking. It's a punk record without relying upon style. The title track was featured in the film "From Dusk 'til Dawn" and while rumors have swirled about the band being either 1) Butthole Surfers in disguise or 2) drunken country sessions musicians fooling around between takes of a "star" recording session, the responsible parties have never come forward.

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