Jacuzzi Boys Live at Third Man


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12" LP Live recording from the performance at Third Man Records on 10.02.10

Straight from their garage in Florida, the Jacuzzi Boys became a bit more buzzworthy after getting a shout out from punk legend Iggy Pop, "There's a band here in Miami called the Jacuzzi Boys. It's a stupid name, but they've got a good spirit." With credentials like that, do we need to even tell you more? From their beginnings in 2007 as a two-piece collaboration between guitarist Gabriel Alcala and drummer Diego Monasteri, the boys soon added Danny Gonzalez on bass to form the trifecta we've come to love today. Gaining momentum from their simple yet catchy recordings on their 12-song LP appropriately named No Seasons, and their energetic live shows we could not wait to get them in for a Blue Room direct-to-tape event.

The boys recorded a whopping 14 songs during their live performance including numbers "Coral Girls," "Smells Dead"--a song about a first person encounter sharing a space with a decomposing snake-- and a slew of other rowdy garage rock anthems to add to any house party setlist. See what Iggy's hype was all about when you pick up a copy of your own.

Coral Girls
Island Ave
Black Sand
Bricks or Coconuts
Libras and Zebras
Smells Dead
No Seasons
A Strange Hand
Planet of the Dreamers
Do the Coma
Alligator Soul

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