Danny Kroha

Angels Watching Over Me

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The founding member of THE GORIES tried his hand at the banjo, dulcimer, diddley bow, washtub bass, jug, and mouth organ for his first release under his own name, Angels Watching Over Me, and the result is a distinct step forward for gospel and folk as genres. Kroha has consistently pushed himself to reinvention, and has influenced countless imitators and poseurs along the way. His guitar work with Rocket 455 is the most quintessentially "Detroit" rock and roll this side of the MC5. Angels Watcing Over Me was recorded in a 100-year-old, vacant house in Detroit, and features songs popularized by the likes of Son House, I.D. Stamper, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Brother Will Hairston. This is a decidedly different Danny Kroha than we've seen in his past projects with Demolition Doll Rods and Danny and the Darleans, and we have to say... we like him. With Angels Watching Over Me, he firmly establishes himself as one of the pre-eminent practitioners of a genre we hold so dear.

1. Angels Watching Over Me
2. I Want To Live So God Can Use Me
3. Rowdy Blues
4. Holy Ghost Don't Leave Me
5. Take Me Back
6. John Henry
7. Walking Boss
8. Run Little Children
9. The Road is Rough and Rocky
10. Cannonball Blues
11. You Got To Move
12. Gloryland
13. Before This Time Another Year
14. Jack O'Diamonds
15. Pretty Little Pink
16. Lonesome Valley

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