Third Man Books has officially released Sampson Starkweather’s title PAIN: The Board Game!

The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said "Life is Pain." Poet Sampson Starkweather says PAIN: The Board GameThird Man Books’ fourth title has, evidently, caused pain in a few lives already: four printing presses in Nashville, Tennessee, refused the book due to "objectionable content” (in 2015?!?). PAIN: The Board Game is 160 pages of poetry, 15 full color illustrations by Jon-Michael Frank, and the first book of poetry that is both page-turning-analog and online interactive. Find out why The Huffington Post describes Starkweather as, "Not only thrillingly accessible, not only deeply thought-provoking, but also, and without exaggeration, historically important,” and Bianca Stone, author of Someone Else’s Wedding Vows, says, "I find with each poem I’m laughing out loud. But also putting my hand over my heart, in a futile effort to keep the damn thing still.” For a sample of Sampson Starkweather’s poems go here

And... A challenge, too!! You asked for it. We’ve done it. Finally, a kick-ass video game based on a poetry book rather than FIFA, alien invasion, or Seal Team 6. Now all you gamers out there can experience what pixilated, dark haired poet Sampson Starkweather experiences: PAIN. No more can society argue that video game culture has usurped activities such as reading. Play the game here and taste the PAIN... then take a screenshot of your high score and Instagram it using the hashtag #PainTheVideoGame. The top three scores to post will receive the all three limited edition packages Third Man Books has published (a $110 value).

Purchase your copy of PAIN: The Board Game HERE.