Mandolin virtuoso/Punch Bros. frontman Chris Thile and Brooklyn bluegrass maven/guitarist Michael Daves have made a name for themselves turning folk melodies into impassioned conversations that, in most cases, hollow, wooden boxes have no business having… On this Blue Series single "Man In The Middle," Thile and Daves shred up old time standards into exactly what they should be (or shouldn't, depending on who you ask…) We can't say this version will appeal to all the blue-hair's in the crowd out there at the hilltop bluegrass festival (though here's an alternative version for you fine folks), but if you like your pickin' with a side of Jack White on drums, Carl Broemel on pedal steel, Ruby Amanfu wailin' on background vocals and Cory Younts on the piano, we'd be willing to bet you a 1960 Martin D-18 that you won't regret adding this 7" to your collection. Purchase it here for our "Record of the Week" NICE PRICE.