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Wolf Eyes

Like it or not: problems are everywhere: waiting dormant under your bed, writhing in the dust in your basement, within the nagging insistence creeping along the cobwebs of your mind growing stronger with every day you forget about them. Problems are at the Wailing Wall - problems are amplified LOUD in a rotten warehouse providing electronic mayhem to Satanic Unveilings: Local and Unlocal. They are the kids in the empty streets in the late august summers with nothing to do but let the antisocial damage fester in their boiling brains. They are the millions of spiders deep in the oceans looking for metal fallen from the skies. They all have one common thread of DNA sprinting thru their misift cells: the soundtrack of WOLF EYES "I AM A PROBLEM."

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Wolf Eyes
  1. Audio Social Dissent
    Wolf Eyes, Timmy's Organism, VIDEO
    Audio Social Dissent
    Regular Price $20.00 Special Price $7.00
  2. Wolf Eyes Patch
    Wolf Eyes
    Wolf Eyes Patch
    Regular Price $5.00 Special Price $3.50
  3. Enemy Ladder b/w Dull Murder Two
    Wolf Eyes
    Enemy Ladder b/w Dull Murder Two
    7" VINYL
  4. I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces
    Wolf Eyes
    I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces
    • Cassette
    • 12" VINYL
      Regular Price $18.00 Special Price $12.00
    • CD
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