The Gories

"The best garage band in America since the '60s. Very primitive…they made people with Les Pauls and Marshall amps look like idiots." - Jack White

The Gories began in the cultural vacuum of Detroit in 1986. With humble beginnings at a community concert series through a tumultuous end on their 1992 European tour, this is a band whose influence has far outstretched the ground they covered. Rooted in the primal, primitive underpinnings of 50's rhythm and blues and unhinged 60s garage punk, the sound they came to was wholly their own. While band members Mick Collins and Dan Kroha would go on to wider recognition in the Dirtbombs and Demolition Dolls Rods respectively, the Gories should be viewed in the same influential context as the Velvet Underground and the Cramps. While they may have barely sold any records, the folks that saw and heard these bands were inspired to create. It's high time the Gories get their due.

The Gories
  1. Be Nice b/w On The Run
    The Gories
    Be Nice b/w On The Run
    7" VINYL
  2. The Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88
    The Gories
    The Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88
    • 12" VINYL
    • CD
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