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    Third Man Records Vault Platinum Subscription


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    The sign-up DEADLINE for Vault Package #33 is July 31 at midnight CST! Purchasing a Vault Subscription today will guarantee you receive Vault Package #33, Icky Thump X. SUBSCRIPTIONS AUTOMATICALLY RENEW QUARTERLY.

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    • - Access to exclusive news, photos, music, and videos

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    • - A quarterly Vault package which includes a 12” record, a 7” record and a bonus item.

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    V A U L T P A C K A G E # 3 3


    Nigh on ten years ago, the White Stripes unveiled the most ambitious record of their career. Taking its name from the mis-appropriation of the British exhortation “Ecky thump” the Stripes’ Icky Thump would prove to be the final full-length studio album from the beloved Detroit duo. To celebrate not only the ten years since Icky Thump’s release, but also twenty years since Jack and Meg started the White Stripes AND the 500th release in the Third Man Records’ catalog, we are delighted to announce the release of our 33rd Vault package, Icky Thump X.

    Deluxe Icky Thump 180-gram, colored vinyl

    The cornerstone of the package is the deluxe, “contained explosion” colored vinyl repressing of Icky Thump. Previously only ever available on boring black vinyl, this double LP, 180-gram vinyl dream is housed in a glorious tip-on sleeve with slightly modified artwork and sealed with a Victorian update on the original red/white sticker that was begrudgingly slit open by fidgety record collectors overly concerned with "condition." Remastered from the original 1” analog tapes in Nashville, TN, Icky Thump will be the first-ever Vault title manufactured at Third Man Pressing in Detroit. You will not believe your ears. Track List: Icky Thump/ You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)/ 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues/ Conquest/ Bone Broke/ Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn/ St. Andrew (This Battle Is In The Air)/ Little Cream Soda/ Rag & Bone/ I’m Slowly Turning Into You/ A Martyr For My Love For You/ Catch Hell Blues/ Effect & Cause

    12" Icky Thump Extras Vinyl

    The logical companion piece to Icky Thump is the collection compiling all nine of the non-album b-sides recorded for (and during) the release and tour cycle. Icky Thump Extras joins live covers (Hank Williams’ “Tennessee Border”), alternate versions recorded in the middle of a horse-racing track in Canada (“You Don’t Know What Love Is…”) with Beck-produced exclusives (“It’s My Fault For Being Famous”) and couples them with newly reimagined artwork from Grammy Award-winning designer Rob Jones. Consider this the first and last time any of these songs will appear on 12-inch vinyl, pressed on luminescent lunar-colored vinyl.

    Track List: Tennessee Border (originally by Hank Williams)/ Baby Brother (originally by Bill Carter and the Rovin Gamblers)/ You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) (frat rock version)/ A Martyr For My Love For You (acoustic version)/ It’s My Fault For Being Famous/ Cash Grab Complications On The Matter/ Honey, We Can’t Afford To Look This Cheap/ Conquest (acoustic mariachi version)/ Conquista (Spanish language version)

    The Red Demos

    Prior to entering Blackbird Studios for the tracking of Icky Thump, the White Stripes did a full run-through of the tracks in demo form to workshop ideas and get thoughts on tape at their Nashville rehearsal spot. This would prove to be the ONLY time the band would ever demo an album before recording. Forgotten by all involved in the intervening ten years, The Red Demos is startling insight into the germination of the songs that would soon be blasted out arenas and festivals the world over. Of particular interest is the first ever release of the instrumental “Monkeys Have It Easy”, a title previously teased via the original Icky Thump press release in 2007. Cover art depicts a working mock up of the unedited image used on the original album and exists as the ideal compliment to both that original issue and the mono mix of Icky Thump from Vault Package #1.

    Track List: You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)/ A Martyr For My Love For You/ Rag and Bone/ Catch Hell Blues/ Little Cream Soda/ Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn/ Monkeys Have It Easy (previously unreleased)/ Bone Broke/ Icky Thump/ Conquest/ 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues

    Exclusive Polaroid Photo Book

    To further push this package into “I Cannot Believe They Did That Territory” is an exclusive book comprising of Polaroid photos, tracking notes and insight from Icky Thump session photographer and White Stripes’ confidante David Swanson. Comprised 100% of previously unseen and unshared material, the of-the-moment documentation of the album and its recording process by Swanson’s intuitive and discerning eye is revelatory.

    Mystery Art Prints by Rob Jones

    To even further blow this thing out of the water is one of nine different 8x10 White Stripes images by Rob Jones. Randomly inserted so you have no idea which one you’ll get, these include classic updates on art and graphics from the original release era in addition to completely new ideas, all rendered in the highest quality silkscreen printing and suitable for immediate framing or burning.

    "Rag and Bone" Enamel Pin Set

    Not enough? Ok, take TWO enamel pins that when combined depict the horse skeleton imagery originally featured on the 7-inch artwork for “Rag and Bone” and understand full well that the addition of said pins will elevate any drab old potato sack to a best-dressed list ensemble.

    Cross of St. Andrew Soft Touch Box

    All of these components will be lovingly housed in a soft-touch coated telescoping box that reproduces the cross of St. Andrew used as an important graphic in Icky Thump’s issue ten years ago and rendered even more poignant now as the specific version of that cross (the Cross of Burgundy) forms the shape of an X.

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