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Mississippi Jail House Groan Defender Ad Poster


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Vault exclusive screen printed reproduction of an ad in the Chicago Defender announcing "Mississippi Jail House Groan" by Rube Lacy, also featured in on the Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2 flash drive and hardbound book. Read more about these ads here.

Intro text reads: "She brings him everything but the key to the jailhouse door, moans Rube Lacy in this new Paramount Record. Rube puts a lot of weird moaning and groaning into this number and some fancy guitar playing, too. It's a hot record that you'll like — typical Paramount quality. Ask your dealer for No. 12629, or send us the coupon."

Small run, numbered screen print
Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Please Note that many of these posters are limited in quantity and will be shipping at your own risk – we are unable to provide replacements for any posters damaged by shipping carriers in transit.

These posters are leftovers. In some cases, they have traveled far. While nothing detracts from the overall beauty of the images, if you’re one who gets panicky about a miniscule 1/16th of an inch indentation on a corner or hyperventilates when an object in the earth is not MINT then we suggest you probably look elsewhere to buy posters.

Also note there is a $2.00 handling fee added to the final shipping price on all posters shipped domestically.