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BILL BURR - Live at Andrew's House


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Live At Andrew’s House was recorded at Carnegie Hall on November 11, 2011, four months before Burr taped his third hour-long special, You People Are All The Same, on March 3, 2012. The album gives fans the opportunity to experience a landmark performance in Burr’s career and the early workings of a set that became Burr’s critically-acclaimed third special.

“As a stand-up comedian, to get to perform at Carnegie Hall is a milestone; so when I found out that I got that gig I knew I wanted to document the performance. Most of the material on this album is the same material that eventually became the special You People Are All The Same and I didn’t want to screw over people by putting out two DVD’s with similar material. So this is a special release of that performance that will be on vinyl only.”

Side A
Intro/Thank You
I'm Getting A Gun
Being Sober
Fixing Shit
What Are You Gonna Do?
Afraid Of Your Wife
Playing Catch

Side B
My Dog
Getting a Goat
Fatties and Alcoholics
No Reason to Hit A Woman
No Questions / Rihanna
Take a Knee
Gold Digging Whores
Nobody Cares
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Platoon of Whores