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Little Third Man Electric Guitar with Stand and Backpack (Yellow or Black)


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Manufacturer: Loog

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  • Little Third Man Guitar - Yellow
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We are so excited to get all the little music lovers of the world set up with their first instrument! The Little Third Man Guitar is an electric, 3-stringed guitar made by Loog. It's fun, cute, and small, but it's no toy - this is a real guitar, made out of real wood and equipped with a screaming lipstick-style pickup that sounds amazing whatever style your little one plays. Since it only has 3 strings, it is easy for kids and beginners to pick up and play right from the start.

For those of you that have seen It Might Get Loud, you know that around here we believe that when you build your own guitar you develop a deep connection with it, so don't be alarmed that the guitar arrives disassembled. Putting it together only takes 15 minutes, but it's a profound experience that will help you understand and love the instrument infinitely more.

The guitar is available in black or yellow. Both come with a custom logo back lid, matte finish, and a vinyl record pickguard custom made by United Record Pressing.

Vinyl pickguard from Nashville's United Record Pressing
18 frets
Adjustable-height rosewood bridge for low string action, enhanced playability, and comfort
D'Addario EXL145 strings, plain steel and nickel-wound
Custom TMR logo back lid
Matte finish
Materials: body - alder, neck - maple, fingerboard - rosewood, nut - bone, hardware - silver
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Scale: 21.26"; Length: 29.2"; Width: 8.8"; Depth: 2.6"

The Electric Loog Guitar uses what would be strings 2, 3, and 4 on a regular 6-string guitar, offering a balanced tone range. An important advantage of this string configuration is that it allows chords to be played with just one finger with the ease of open tuning, but in standard tuning. In this way, the finger placement to form chords and everything else you learn on an Electric Loog can also be applied to a regular 6-string guitar. You can even read chord-diagrams from books or the Internet and use them to play your favorite songs on a Loog - simply focus on strings 2, 3 and 4 and that’s it!