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  1. Third Man Records Satin Jacket with Chenille Patch
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    Pocket Knife


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  8. When the World Wounds

    Kiini Ibura Salaam - When the World Wounds

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    Special Price: $13.00


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  10. Total Chaos

    Jeff Gold - TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of the Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop

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    Special Price: $40.00


    See the Table of Contents

    Please note that a very Limited Edition of Total Chaos will be available in early December. The Limited Edition will be signed by Iggy Pop, include a 7” of Iggy Pop’s pre-Stooges group The Prime Movers, plus three posters. Price will be $250. This item can not be pre-ordered. We will be announcing the Limited Edition to Vault members first.

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